Why We Practice Supply Chain Sustainability

As businesses modernize, everyone from customers to employers, governments and employees has an increasing concern about environmental stewardship and social responsibility. As such, successful businesses are integrating sustainability into their business models. That’s where supply chain sustainability comes in!

Climatizer Insulation practices supply chain sustainability as part of its commitment to lean manufacturing and better business practices. Supply chains require a lot of resources– reducing waste in this business practice creates a superior business model. We believe that greater efficiency, both in financial and environmental cost, results in a better product and experience. That’s why we developed a sophisticated network of procurement, manufacturing, and delivery.

But what is supply chain sustainability exactly? Keep reading to find out!

What is Supply Chain Sustainability?

The term ‘supply chain sustainability’ refers to the many practices a business undergoes to consider and minimize the environmental and human impact of their product’s journey through the supply chain. Accordingly, these ideas supplement traditional supply chain concerns, like time and cost efficiency. Generally, the goal is to minimize the supply chain’s footprint. And this can occur in a variety of ways, like reducing resource or labour consumption. It’s simple: if a product can move through the supply chain while using less labour and fuel, with the added bonus of a reduced cost to the business, then why shouldn’t we capitalize on that?

What is a Supply Chain?

A supply chain is this network of all the companies, facilities and activities involved in this process. It encompasses the product’s journey in its entirety– from manufacturing to delivery.

What is Supply Chain Management?

Businesses must coordinate sourcing, production, inventory management, and transportation on a large scale. This process is known as supply chain management. It focuses on the speed, cost and reliability of operations. Traditional supply chain management practices gave little thought to sustainability– profit always took priority. Nowadays though, many businesses understand that sustainable practices lead to better profits, despite requiring greater effort.


If after reading this article you still have more questions about our sustainability practices, contact us now! Otherwise, we’re more than happy to take your orders and get you the insulation you need.

How Do We Integrate Sustainability?

As a resource for industry professionals to source sustainable insulation materials, Climatizer Insulation is leading the way in sustainable supply chain management. Not only are our products superior for the environment, but we also take great care in how we procure and deliver these items.

Like other companies practicing this business model, we take steps to lower carbon emissions and cut back on waste. And we also seek to improve labour conditions. Much of this work is done by measuring sustainability metrics within the supply chain management systems. For example, consider prioritizing renewable energy or better load efficiency. In doing so, we put fewer trucks on the road with greater fuel sustainability.

Here are a few of the statistics we use to measure sustainability in the supply chain:

  • Demand
  • Environmental impact
  • Societal risk
  • Progress

There are certainly more measures than what we’ve covered here. Sustainable supply chain management is a multi-factored process. Let’s take a look at it now!

Four Steps to a More Sustainable Supply Chain

Let’s take a look at the framework of a sustainable supply chain:

  1. Procurement: In this stage, companies look at energy and water, and how they can use sustainable materials in their products.
  2. Operations: Here businesses will look at the various steps across the supply chain and how they can be improved.
  3. Retirement: In one of the most important steps, businesses reduce waste and inefficiencies.
  4. Data and Communication: The final stage sees businesses monitor the effectiveness of the first three stages. By examining essential data, the previous steps can be improved, resulting in greater sustainability and profit.

As you can see, not only does this business practice result in less waste for the environment, but it also improves cost-efficiency and labour quality.

Take a look at our article on our delivery process here– it’s an essential part of the chain!

Why Supply Chain Sustainability Matters

Recent economic research demonstrates that the supply chain is where most of the environmental impact occurs for most businesses. It’s easy to imagine– from manufacturing to transportation, a lot of water, energy, and fuel is consumed.  And with the demand from consumers and governments to reduce this waste, businesses have been forced to be more critical of the supply chain.


And in this critical analysis of the supply chain, many businesses have realized they can use sustainability to develop their business. As such, Climatizer Insulation is proud to use supply chain sustainability as our business practice because we recognize that it is the future of business in Canada.


The idea behind this management practice is that both businesses and consumers can ‘win’ with better products and reduced costs and impact. That’s because everyone’s interests are aligned when it comes to taking care of the planet for future humans.

Let’s take a look at specific business practices that benefit from sustainability:

  • Supply chain operations: Companies with emission targets have demonstrated that their energy costs decrease without sacrificing profit.
  • Branding:  As brand identity becomes more important to consumers and businesses alike, sustainability has become critical to the process. Recent research has demonstrated a direct relationship between supply chain transparency and increased profits.
  • Corporate culture: Working for a company that you can be proud of is important. Millennials especially seek a higher purpose in their work according to surveys. By practicing supply chain sustainability, you help create a workplace culture that everyone can be proud of. Even investors participate in sustainable businesses!

There’s far more behind this initiative too! Keep coming back to our blog for more updates on how we’re integrating sustainability into our business. As Canadians, we believe it’s essential to take care of the beautiful environment we all share. Our blog is where we talk about that!

Please keep reading to find out more about our sustainability practices!

Supply Chain Sustainability at Climatizer

Supply chain sustainability is a core value at Climatizer Insulation. Tasked with the responsibility of providing Canadians with high-quality insulation, we take our jobs seriously. That’s why we continue to perfect our sustainability practices. And in doing so, we create products and a business that both consumers and employees can be proud of. Better products and higher profits at a lesser cost to the environment– that is the core of supply chain sustainability at Climatizer.


Climatizer Insulation is proud to provide ethically sourced insulation materials, including our cellulose. If you’re looking to get more information about this process, or want to order some cellulose for your next project, give us a call at 416-798-1235