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About Us

We are our legacy

In 1977, Karl Molcar, founder, forefather and visionary of Climatizer Insulation, leapt with unflappable determination in to the manufacturing of cellulose insulation and never looked back.

With the knowledge that cellulose was among one of the oldest “effective” building insulation materials combined with its non-reliance on fluctuating fossil fuel costs and carbon-based manufacturing process adding to that its considerable consumer safety benefits, Mr. Molcar foresaw cellulose as the way to go wherever its type of insulation could be installed.

Time proceeded and research advanced around the physical characteristics that give cellulose fibre a tremendous advantage as an insulator or as a component to other building or infrastructure materials. Recognizing this led to the diversification of products we manufacture. Although our production of cellulose insulation remains close to our hearts, we stand firmly behind the cellulose-based fibres we manufacture for Hydroseeding Mulch, Stone Mastic Ashphalt (SMA), and for a variety of other specialty and industrial fibre usage.

We are our environment

Sustainability at Climatizer Insulation means that we have the unique ability to divert waste, alleviate landfill burdens, reduce Carbon emissions, buy locally, distribute locally and contribute to the principles of a circular economy. We are the original “upcyclers” and participate in the very relevant 3 R’s of Reduce, Re-use, and Recycle. At Climatizer, this is what we call “direct sustainability”; it is our ability to directly affect the reduction of waste from human consumption and re-purpose it into safe, non-toxic, highly effective building, infrastructure, and specialized materials.

Sustainability at Climatizer also means efficiency. If excess is equal to waste, then efficiency and adopting principles of Lean Manufacturing to bring effective and “less and less wasteful” methods and processes across our supply chain, is the solution. This is how we address what we refer to as “secondary sustainability”. The result reflects our objectives in a two-fold way: we become more environmentally responsible and we also reduce costs, allowing us to always present our most competitive price to our customers.

We are the future

Profitable and successful business models of the future should allow everyone and the world around us to prosper. Within the fields of building construction and infrastructure development, the tangible shift towards “Green Building” and the use of sustainable building materials and practices is a game-changer. It allows, finally, for the recognition of what products like Climatizer Plus™ Cellulose insulation and other cellulose-based fibre materials and additives truly have to offer; things like: recycled content, local sourcing, waste diversion, safe exposure for production operators and end-users (consumers), improved energy efficiency resulting from its application, carbon footprint reduction, low embodied energy, and more.

However, as it is said, “there is always room for improvement”. Continual improvement is an integral part of our culture and making small steps towards a larger future has the greatest potential for sustainable success.

We are you, our customer

Without our customers and their support, we don’t get to do what we do best and we wouldn’t have the impetus to keep driving us forward to develop better technology, better practices and processes, better communication, and ultimately better product. Our reputation for our ability to “say yes” and make it happen, makes Climatizer who we are today. The reward at the end of any hard day is knowing you’ve done your best, kept your promises, and made your customers happy.

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