Installing cellulose insulation can be a dirty job. We manufacture it, so we get it! And as your chosen supplier of premium product, we have committed ourselves to extending our service to you by making things a little easier.

Did you know we also offer the equipment, supplies, service, and training you need to be successful?

We have extended our sales department with knowledgeable individuals who are able to help you make the right choices when buying, selling or trading insulation blowing and removal machines. As a long-standing Canadian distributor of Krendl Machine Co. insulation blowing machines, we can help you choose the right machine for the type of work you do at a competitive price. We stock blowing machines, removal machines and all the parts and accessories you might need, including easy to use maintenance kits to keep your machines running optimally in between service.

Did we mention service? Yes, we do that too!

We have often offered equipment servicing to our long-time customers who needed it in a pinch, and we are now officially opening our “service doors” to all. No small or large business should have equipment failures hold them back from a day on the job and our maintenance team have the experience for those more extensive repairs. In most cases, we have the parts you need in stock and in those special cases, can have them brought in expediently.

One-stop shopping, what about those small things?

Before you drive off, or press send on that last email order, have you thought about the smaller items you need to complete your insulation job safely and correctly? We distribute baffles, dust masks, gloves, weatherstripping tape, rulers, anything you might require before walking on to that next job site. No need for multiple stops. And if we don’t have what you need, ask us! We have always done our best to make our customers happy, and if it’s possible for us to do so, we will ensure you can get what you need from us.

Over our 40+ years in business, we know that it is our job to supply you with the highest quality cellulose insulation product we can deliver, and we also know that our relationship with you, our customers, is strengthened and more successful with mutual support. We thank you for your support and hope to continue to deliver that to you.