Climatizer Insulation: How we are responding to the global health crisis COVID-19

We apologize for our social media silence over the past weeks. Like many others, we have been focused on determining our role in the context of the global pandemic while ensuring the safety of our employees, customers, and community. Internally, our success has always been our ability to be highly responsive to changing environments. From that position, this is no different. However, given the scale and devastating effects of this unprecedented health crisis, we find ourselves, like the world around us, in uncharted territory.


We have shifted our focus to extra safety and precaution, increased vigilance in personal protective equipment, additional training and awareness, and the suspension of our walk-in service. From an operational standpoint, we are determined to continue meeting the needs of our customers while providing a safe environment for our production and administrative teams. Our aim is to support those who depend on our materials, while adhering to ever-adapting health and safety protocols and delivering on our commitment to quality.


As Federal and Provincial restrictions tightened for the protection of our communities, we awaited our role. Determined “essential” as a manufacturer of building and infrastructure materials necessary for priority sectors, our team took immediate action by opening new lines of communication, putting a remote work policy into effect, introducing work procedures to accommodate social/physical distancing, and implementing further training and awareness, including COVID-19 screening and appropriate PPE/hygiene practices. We took best practices to heart, while supporting our employees. Our team is our family and our partners are an extension of that. We are truly in this together.


Climatizer Insulation continues to monitor this situation with great attention. We will remain responsive, listen to our customer needs, and serve where we can. We thank you for your continued support.


Stay tuned for posts about our upcoming Contactless Curbside Pick Up Service to support our local tradespeople, contractors and small businesses.