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Insulation Removal Vacuums

Cool Machines offers a full line of powerful, rugged vacuums for any application

Combined with proprietary ‘Vacuum Saver’ design (optional), foreign objects are removed from fiber BEFORE causing damage to the interior of the machine

Economical solutions for every budget

Offering gas, diesel, and electric options

Portable, versatile, and high production to reduce labour time and increase production

Available in 5h.p., 10h.p., 11h.p., 16h.p., 23h.p., 37h.p., 25h.p.

*New Feature* 8” Inlet covers available for all vacuums

Multi-purpose usage for attic insulation and batt removal, wall spray recycle recovery, foam-vac processing, and more

Provides the ability to add value and profitability to your business via insulation removal services

Variety of accessories available to ensure optimal performance to your vacuum machine – See Diverters under Accessories for example

See Product Sheet for Production Rates and Product Specifications

Not sure which machine is for you – check out the Vaccum Cool Comparison Matrix** to spot the difference and find the right machine for you! **(add link to sheet)