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Cool Machines Accessories

Hose Reels

CM hose reels offer the best solution to one of the more cumbersome tools of the trade. With the variety of sizes and configurations in our lineup, we give you the choice of how to neatly store your hoses. Offered in fixed wall or floor mounted versions, or wheel mounted mobile bases for ultimate portability.

Product Sheet

Wireless Remote

Time is Money!

The cost-saving solution to your corded start/stop. CM’s wireless unit operates in the toughest environments (think dark, cramped attics) and with remote “finder” technology, you will never have to worry about losing your wireless remote again. Your return on investment is typically a few months or less depending on the output of your enterprise. Option for wireless remote to control the gate and blower!

Product Sheet 

The ‘Cool’ Booster Box: Give Your Machine a ‘Boost’

CM’s Booster Box adds 2 blowers worth of airpower to any system.

Diverters: Making Removal Even Easier

Don’t ‘divert your attention’ Diverters allow you to change your vacuum bag without turning off your machine.

Diverter 4”-1

Diverter 4”-2

Diverter 6”-1

Diverter 6”-2

Diverter 8”-1

Diverter 8”-2

Diverter Set Up -1

Diverter Set Up -2

All accessories:

For a product sheet outlining all accessories for both blowing machines and vacuums for a variety of applications, please see this product sheet:

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