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CM-3000XL Machine System

The ‘in-between’ option to meet the needs of the operator looking for a mid-range machine between the compact and the robust

Offered as a revision to the Classic CM3000. Modern additions include the optional 24” (61cm) airlock/turbo-shredder and 12 K generator

Suited to all fibers including Cellulose, Fibreglass, and Rockwool for all application types

Dual “scalping augers’ to enhance fiber feed and eliminate bridging in hopper

Allows for high production capabilities with large airlock feeders and blowers

LED plugs and receptacles for quick electrical diagnosis

Gearbox motor for low-cost replacement where necessary

Versatile “Reversible Hopper” option for multiple truck/trailer mounting options

*New Feature* Shredder Rake Fingers for improved fibre conditioning

*New Feature* Airlock Pressure Relief Tube for higher production speed

See Product Sheet for Production Rates and Product Specifications

Not sure which machine is for you – check out the CM-3000 Cool Comparison Matrix to spot the difference and find the right machine for you!

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