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CELLPAVE™ SMA Fibre and Pellets

CELLPAVE™ SPECIALTY FIBRE is a high-quality specialized cellulose fibre produced by Climatizer as an additive for Stone Mastic Asphalt (SMA) applications, an asphalt paving mixture used in road surfacing and resurfacing projects. SMA has been shown to be an effective road surfacing alternative in North America, Europe and Australia, especially on highly trafficked and high-speed roadways and to increase roadway lifecycle; it is found to be highly durable and long-lasting, decreasing the rate of road deterioration, like crumbling, rutting and pot-hole formation, due to extreme climatic conditions. Other benefits include decreased road noise levels, consistent appearance, and reduction in water spray.

Contributing to successful SMA applications, Climatizer-manufactured CELLPAVE™ premium product ensures a high quality fiberization process allowing our fibres to actively stabilize the high levels of binding agent (Bitumen) used in SMA; adding to the resistance it provides against deformation. The cellulose fibres in CELLPAVE™ allow for greater expansion and contraction in SMA product, minimizing the degradation, or “breakage” that typically leads to road deformation as seen in standard asphalt applications. SMA can be applied to highways, airport runways and urban streets. CELLPAVE is manufactured from 100% locally-sourced recycled paper waste diverted from landfill, minimizing global greenhouse gas emissions and effectively reclaiming post-consumer waste.

CELLPAVE™ is mainly manufactured as a fibre type, but can be pelletized as required. This product manufactured proudly in Central Canada and available for regional, national and international shipping.


  • Technologically advanced fiberization process leads to fibre production with greater surface area and overall strength
  • Stabilizes binding agent (Bitumen) by aiding viscosity maintenance and reducing its drainage (known as “drain down”) during transport and paving
  • Increases binder content; increases film thickness on the aggregate by approximately 30-40%
  • Increases stability of mix; also helps interlock between fibres and aggregate improving overall strength
  • Widely-recognized as the most cost-effective fibre filler for SMA applications
  • The most environmentally sustainable filler agent available for SMA
  • Meets current Ministry of Transportation cellulose fibre quality requirements
  • Manufactured under scope of  ISO 9001 International Standard requirements for Quality Management Systems



Green, fibrous cellulose fibre


Loose or pellets


Additive to SMA roadway application


40lb bag


Stabilizing filler to binding agents of SMA

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