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Climatizer Hydroseeding Mulch

CLIMATIZER’S HYDROSEEDING MULCH is a premium cellulose fibre product manufactured from locally-sourced post-consumer waste paper (mainly newsprint) for use in a variety of hydraulic seeding and erosion control projects. Adding Climatizer hydroseeding mulch to a slurry of water, seed and, in most cases fertilizer, allows grass seeds to be protected from wind, erosion, sun and pests while sealing in moisture allowing for much quicker germination compared to hand-sown seeding or laying sod.

Allowing coverage for large, difficult or inaccessible areas such as slopes, hydroseeding can be applied to a wide variety of projects from roadside erosion control to golf courses, lawns, parks and conservation areas. Hydroseeding is a cost-effective, environmentally-friendly, and efficient solution for establishing healthy new lawn, turf or roadside development.

This product manufactured proudly in Central Canada and available for regional, national and international shipping.


  • High success rate for successful implantation of seed and growth
  • High quality manufacturing allowing for fibre durability and high moisture absorption rate
  • Prevents soil erosion from wind, rain, sun and pests
  • Yields tangible results in difficult-to-access areas (such as roadside embankments) or very large areas (such as golf courses, conservation areas, large building project greenspaces)
  • Environmentally safe colour additive to ensure even coverage
  • Hydraulic seeding eliminates physically taxing work of sod laying, is more cost effective and promotes water consumption savings over time
  • Contributes to improved germination, fuller growth
  • Allows for greater coverage, longer lasting colour
  • 100% fibres with no additional fillers



Green, fibrous cellulose fibre


Loose material additive to slurry in hydraulic seeding applications


Large lawns/fields, sloped areas, and hard-to-reach areas such as parks, school/athletic fields, golf courses, sides of highways, ditches


50lb bag


Promotes seed germination and successful growth

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